Modi's Leadership: A Catalyst for India's Progress

Modi's Leadership: A Catalyst for India's Progress

Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh extolled Prime Minister Narendra Modi as an exceptional leader, highlighting his keen perspective and ability to foresee opportunities amid challenges. Addressing the Ground Breaking Ceremony (GBC@IV) in Lucknow, Singh attributed India's progress to Modi's leadership and guidance.

Singh emphasized that Modi's vision extends beyond immediate concerns, enabling him to envision solutions and long-term outcomes. He noted that under Modi's stewardship, India is pursuing the ideals of "inclusive growth, development for all, unity, and trust," ensuring that no citizen feels marginalized.

Praising Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Singh credited his leadership and commitment to development, spurred by Modi's guidance. He attributed Uttar Pradesh's investment surge to Adityanath's efforts in fostering an investment-friendly climate. Singh expressed confidence that Uttar Pradesh will continue to scale new heights of development under Modi and Adityanath's joint leadership.

Singh recalled the skepticism surrounding interactions between politicians and industrialists, a perception that Modi's tenure as Gujarat Chief Minister shattered. He asserted that when politicians and industrialists collaborate with clear intentions, national progress ensues. Singh cited Gujarat's transformative development as an example, noting that its success has inspired other states to adopt similar models.