Kishida Cabinet and LDP Popularity Plummets

Kishida Cabinet and LDP Popularity Plummets

The Kishida Cabinet and the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) have experienced a decline in popularity since the LDP's return to power in 2012, according to an Asahi Shimbun survey. The Cabinet's approval rating has fallen to 21 percent, while the LDP's support rate has dropped to 21 percent.

The decline in the Cabinet's popularity is attributed to a scandal involving unreported political funds among LDP factions. The LDP's support rating has remained below 30 percent for the past eight months.

The main opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan has gained support, with 7 percent of respondents expressing support compared to 4 percent in January. Nippon Ishin (Japan Innovation Party) has also seen an increase in support, rising to 4 percent from 6 percent.

Komeito, the LDP's junior coalition partner, maintains a support rating of 3 percent, while the Japanese Communist Party has gained support, moving from 2 percent in January to 3 percent.