Drying Wet iPhones: Apple's Official Advice

Drying Wet iPhones: Apple's Official Advice

Due to the prevalence of device accidents, it's crucial to handle wet electronic devices appropriately. Apple strongly discourages the use of uncooked rice to dry iPhones, as recommended by many households.

Instead, Apple advises shaking the device to remove excess liquid and placing it in an area with good airflow for approximately 30 minutes. If the charging port remains wet, it should be left to dry for up to 24 hours. If charging issues persist, disconnecting and reconnecting cables may resolve the problem.

Apple's newer iPhone models feature an advanced liquid detection system that protects against liquid damage. When moisture is detected, charging is suspended to prevent short circuits and malfunctions. Charging a wet device can cause permanent damage or connectivity issues. However, charging may be necessary in emergencies, allowing users to override the liquid detection and proceed at their own risk.