Bridging the Digital Skills Gap: AI Education for the Next Generation

Bridging the Digital Skills Gap: AI Education for the Next Generation

At a Parliamentary Skills Summit hosted by the Parliament Street think tank, technology leaders voiced concerns over the digital skills gap in the UK and emphasized the need for government investment in AI education. The summit, attended by industry experts, academics, and tech leaders, aimed to finalize plans for upskilling and reskilling workers in AI.

Stuart Munton, Chief for Group Delivery at AND Digital, highlighted the importance of closing the digital skills gap and equipping both current and future workers with the necessary skills to thrive in an evolving technological landscape. Simon Ward, CEO and founder of Inspired Thinking Group, echoed the need for a collective effort among businesses, academic institutions, and the government to address the digital skills shortfall, particularly in light of advancements in generative AI, automation, and chatbots.

Technology expert Lior Sion emphasized the crucial role of equipping the new generation of entrepreneurs with advanced AI and digital skills to foster the growth and competitiveness of startup businesses. Leading clinician Dr. Fadi Kherdaji stressed the significance of empowering the next generation to pursue careers in science and technology to build a thriving digital economy.

Campaigner Elizabeth Anderson highlighted the need to tackle digital poverty in the UK, as around 11 million people lack essential digital skills. Digital poverty exacerbates the digital skills gap and impedes the nation's progress towards a digital future.