Asbestos Contamination Spreads in Sydney

Asbestos Contamination Spreads in Sydney

Dangerous asbestos contamination has been detected in Sydney's Bicentennial Park, adding to the growing number of contaminated sites in the city. Sampling has revealed the presence of friable asbestos, considered high risk, in mulch at Bicentennial Park 1 in Glebe. However, experts have assessed the risk as low after determining that the sample was part of a tile and not easily aerosolized.

The investigation into the contamination has identified the Greenlife Resource Recovery Facility (GRRF) as a common supplier across all affected sites. However, GRRF denies responsibility, stating that the mulch leaving their facility is free of asbestos contamination. Despite the ongoing investigation, most areas of concern have been tested. City of Sydney officials urge residents to avoid fenced-off areas until remediation is complete.

In addition to Bicentennial Park, five other sites have tested positive for bonded asbestos: North Rosebery Park, an aged care facility in St Ives, an industrial area in Rouse Hill, Mary Mackillop Catholic Parish in Oran Park, and a private residence. The presence of asbestos in the garden at Mary Mackillop Catholic Parish has prompted notifications to parents at two nearby schools.