Tasmanian Public Transport Plans: Liberals and Labor Vie for Votes

Tasmanian Public Transport Plans: Liberals and Labor Vie for Votes

The Liberal party has pledged to enhance control over Metro, the public bus operator, if re-elected. However, Labor contends that the government's failure to invest in drivers and mechanics has led to the service's ongoing challenges, such as unreliability and staff turnover.

To address these issues, both the Liberals and Labor have announced plans to halve bus and ferry fares across Tasmania. This initiative aims to reduce weekly transportation costs by $17.50 for commuters.

The Liberals have also proposed introducing a common ticketing system later this year, which will simplify journey planning and payment. The Tasmanian Greens, on the other hand, have pledged to make public transport free and enhance service frequency.

Labor's transportation strategy prioritizes driver and mechanic support as well as cost-of-living relief. In response to the recent cancellation of 70 daily bus services due to driver shortages, Metro management has made network reductions to improve reliability.

The Liberal party has acknowledged the challenges faced by Metro and announced increased departmental involvement if re-elected. This includes direct oversight of timetabling, particularly in Hobart, and a support package of over $8 million for service restoration.