Bulgaria Poised to Join Eurozone in 2025

Bulgaria Poised to Join Eurozone in 2025

The average annual inflation rate in Bulgaria will reach 3% this year, according to the European Central Bank and the European Commission. This figure signifies a significant milestone for Bulgaria's aspiration to join the Eurozone, as inflation is the only remaining accession criterion yet to be met.

Finance Minister Assen Vassilev, speaking at an informal meeting of EU economic and financial affairs ministers in Ghent, Belgium, expressed confidence that Bulgaria will be able to adopt the euro in 2025. He emphasized the importance of a stable economic environment and a reliable government for Eurozone membership.

Vassilev highlighted that Bulgaria has undertaken significant legislative changes to align with Eurozone requirements, including consulting with the European Central Bank on the Euro Adoption Law. He expressed optimism that these measures will benefit Bulgarian citizens in the long run.

Vassilev also reiterated his commitment to the planned rotation of prime ministers, a step towards political stability in the country.