Royal Mail Delivery Performance Declines

Royal Mail Delivery Performance Declines

Royal Mail's delivery struggles extend beyond Cheshire, affecting the timely delivery of mail nationwide. Second class letters, priced at 75p, are expected to arrive within three working days, while first class letters, costing £1.25, should be delivered the next working day. However, delivery performance has declined in recent years.

Data from Ofcom, the industry regulator, reveals that the punctuality of first class post has dropped from 92% a decade ago to just 74% by the end of last year. Despite this decline, Royal Mail employees insist that management has been aware of the issue, as reports of delivery failures have been escalating throughout the chain of command.

According to Jenny Hall of Royal Mail, certain periods of high demand, such as Christmas, may necessitate prioritizing parcel deliveries. However, she emphasizes that this should not become a routine practice. Instructions to prioritize parcels over letters should not be given outside of exceptional circumstances.