Huawei Cloud: The Infrastructure of Choice for AI

Huawei Cloud: The Infrastructure of Choice for AI

Huawei Cloud emerged as the preferred infrastructure for AI applications at the recent Huawei Cloud Summit, held during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024 in Barcelona. The summit, themed "Accelerate Intelligence with Everything as a Service," gathered industry experts and executives from various sectors.

Huawei Cloud showcased its AI-centric advancements and expertise in Pangu models, aiming to provide an AI-ready infrastructure customized for industries and accelerate their journey toward intelligence. The summit highlighted ten core innovations that make Huawei Cloud the ideal choice for AI deployment. These innovations include KooVerse, a global cloud infrastructure with low latency, and Distributed QingTian architecture, which enhances AI computing capabilities.

Additionally, AI compute capabilities and AI-Native storage address the data demands of training models. E2E security ensures the integrity and compliance of models and applications. Next-generation databases like GaussDB offer high performance and flexibility. Data-AI convergence unifies data sources and fosters collaboration between data analytics and AI engines.