Pharmacy in Tokyo Faces Shortage of Cough and Cold Medications

Pharmacy in Tokyo Faces Shortage of Cough and Cold Medications

Masao Takahashi, the owner of the pharmacy, expressed his concerns about the ongoing shortage of medications, highlighting the challenges he faces in managing his inventory. The shortage of cough and cold medications can be traced back to issues within the pharmaceutical industry, including the suspension of operations by generic drug manufacturers and increased demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite initiatives to boost production and supply of essential medications, pharmacies are still grappling with shortages, leading to difficulties in fulfilling prescriptions and meeting patient needs. Takahashi and other pharmacists are working tirelessly to address the shortage by exploring alternative medications, personally delivering additional drugs to patients, and navigating through weekly fluctuations in drug supplies from wholesalers.

As the pharmaceutical industry continues to grapple with shortages, the health ministry acknowledges the need for further measures to address the insufficient supply of essential medications. Plans to accelerate subsidies to drugmakers and potentially revise drug prices in the future aim to bolster production and mitigate shortages in the long run. Despite these efforts, it may take several years for drug supplies to return to normal levels and meet the growing demand for essential medications in Japan.