Tree House Haven: A Home Built on Perseverance and Nature

Tree House Haven: A Home Built on Perseverance and Nature

In the tranquil neighborhood of Karen in Nairobi, Kenya, lies a peculiar and charming home nestled within a serene ravine. This tree house, built by Jonny Dwek over eight years, was once a disaster-stricken swamp. However, Dwek transformed the tragedy into an opportunity, creating a remarkable abode that reflects his adventurous spirit.

Dwek, despite lacking formal architectural or construction training, was determined to bring his vision to life. Driven by the belief that perseverance can overcome any obstacle, he embarked on the ambitious project. The foundation of the tree house was laid with 25-foot mangrove wooden stilts, protecting the structure from potential flooding from the nearby Mbagathi River. Inside, Dwek prioritized the creation of a cozy and functional living space. A central fireplace divides the room into a living area on one side and a bedroom on the other.

The tree house's most striking feature is its makuti grass-thatched roof. Dwek prioritized its inclusion, along with a brick fireplace, despite the potential concerns with placing these materials in close proximity. He aimed to create a harmonious blend between nature and his living space. Each tree house, one for Dwek and two smaller ones for his children, follows the same rectangular steel-poled A-frame design. The homes feature private rooms for each child, allowing them freedom and independence within the shared living area.