Consumer Confidence Soars in Ajman

Consumer Confidence Soars in Ajman

The Ajman Consumer Sentiment Index (CSI) for 2023 has soared, surpassing the global average of 100 points by a significant margin of 131 points. This surge in consumer sentiment reflects an optimistic outlook among the emirate's residents, indicating their belief in the strength and stability of the local economy.

According to the report from the Ajman Department of Economic Development, this positive sentiment stems from the comprehensive economic policies implemented at both the national and emirate levels. These policies have fostered a favorable environment for businesses and consumers, boosting their confidence in Ajman's economic future.

Sheikh Ahmed bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, the Representative of the Ruler of Ajman, attributed the index's strong showing to the government's commitment to creating a supportive environment for economic growth and investment. He emphasized that the index serves as an incentive for policymakers and decision-makers to continue their efforts in promoting a thriving economy and enhancing the well-being of the emirate's residents.