Empowering Women in AI Through Education and Training

Empowering Women in AI Through Education and Training

There is a disparity in AI usage between genders, with a higher percentage of men incorporating technology in their professional and personal lives compared to women. However, more women are proactively enhancing their AI skills. For instance, platforms like Coursera have observed a significant increase in female enrollment in AI courses, such as "AI for Everyone".

According to London-based Ms. Black, addressing the gender imbalance in AI is crucial in the rapidly evolving tech landscape to prevent an escalation of the existing gap. With women potentially facing a higher risk of job displacement due to AI's impact on administrative roles, specialized training programs could aid them in retaining current positions or transitioning to new ones.

Janna Salokangas, co-founder of Mia, emphasizes that their AI course not only imparts knowledge but also fosters a sense of community among female students. The emphasis is on creating a supportive environment where women can learn together and feel a sense of belonging, contributing to their overall empowerment in the field of AI.