Opposition Leader Requests Vote of No Confidence in Caretaker Government

Opposition Leader Requests Vote of No Confidence in Caretaker Government

The leader of the opposition party "Vazrazhdane," Kostadin Kostadinov, has taken a bold step by initiating a vote of no confidence against the caretaker government led by Dimitar Glavchev. This move comes as a response to what Kostadinov described as "unprecedented political interference" that threatens the integrity of the electoral process in the country. Kostadinov highlighted the swift replacement of the foreign affairs minister following pressure from Boyko Borissov, the chairman of GERB, which he believes raises serious concerns about the government's neutrality.

Supported by 67 MPs from "Vazrazhdane," BSP, and ITN, the draft decision for the vote of no confidence was further underscored by the refusal of PP-DB to sign the request. The opposition's request emphasizes the need to address the perceived lack of impartiality within the caretaker government, suggesting that recent political interventions have compromised the fairness of the upcoming elections. Despite Kostadinov's strong stance, it is worth noting that BSP leader Korneliya Ninova had initially hinted at a similar move contingent upon the replacement of Prime Minister Glavchev.

In response to these developments, Nataliya Kiselova, a professor of constitutional law at Sofia University, offered insights into the legality of such a vote against a caretaker government. Kiselova asserted that the traditional process of appointment and dismissal lies with the president, signaling a potential obstacle in the opposition's attempt to challenge the current administration. The constitutional expert's perspective sheds light on the intricate legal dynamics at play amidst the escalating political tensions surrounding the caretaker government.