Rajnath Singh Attacks Rahul Gandhi, Criticizes Congress and LDF in Kerala

Rajnath Singh Attacks Rahul Gandhi, Criticizes Congress and LDF in Kerala

## Rajnath Singh Takes Aim at Rahul Gandhi and Kerala's Political Landscape

In a recent election meeting held in the Pathanamthitta Lok Sabha constituency, senior BJP leader Rajnath Singh launched a scathing attack on Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. Singh alleged that Gandhi, following his defeat in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections from Amethi, lacks the courage to contest from there again. He further claimed that Gandhi migrated to Kerala from Uttar Pradesh after his loss and that the people of Wayanad have decided not to re-elect him as their MP.

Singh also took aim at the Congress party's leadership, stating that "the launching of Congress' young leader has not happened for the last 20 years." He referred to the Congress' "Rahulyaan" as neither launched nor landed, further mocking Gandhi's leadership.

Despite his criticism of Rahul Gandhi, Singh praised Congress stalwart A.K. Antony, calling him a disciplined and principled person with unquestionable honesty and integrity. He expressed surprise at Antony's statement that his son, Anil Antony, should lose the Lok Sabha polls. Singh acknowledged Antony's principles and understood his compulsions, but urged him to bless his son despite any personal reservations.

Singh also accused the Congress and the LDF of being untrustworthy, alleging that they pretend to fight each other in Kerala while campaigning together against the BJP outside the state. He urged the people of Kerala to empower the BJP to "check" these two political fronts, claiming that the state's financial problems were caused by the mismanagement of the Left and Congress-led governments.

Singh reiterated the BJP's commitment to fulfilling its past poll promises, such as implementing the CAA and abrogating Article 370. He assured the public that the CAA would not affect anyone's citizenship and highlighted India's achievements in the space sector.

The Lok Sabha elections in Kerala will be held on April 26, with the results declared on June 4.