BJP Leader Responds to D K Shivakumar's Criticism on Development Contributions in Kerala

BJP Leader Responds to D K Shivakumar's Criticism on Development Contributions in Kerala

BJP leader Rajeev Chandrasekhar reacted strongly to criticisms from Karnataka Congress leader D K Shivakumar regarding his role in Kerala's development. Chandrasekhar, who is contesting against Congress' Shashi Tharoor in Thiruvananthapuram, dismissed Shivakumar's comments, calling him a "corrupt politician" who is out on bail. In response, Chandrasekhar emphasized his commitment to bringing development and investment to Kerala, declaring his plans to release a comprehensive vision document for the state and to work towards its implementation if elected as an MP and minister.

During his visit to Kerala, Shivakumar had raised questions about Chandrasekhar's contributions to the state and called for his resignation as a minister before contesting in the elections. In contrast, Chandrasekhar stood by his campaign promises, stating his intentions to execute the vision outlined in the document he plans to release, focusing on development and investment in Kerala. Additionally, Chandrasekhar highlighted his dedication to work towards the welfare of the state over the next five years if elected, dismissing Shivakumar's criticisms as politically motivated and irrelevant to his objectives for Kerala's progress.

As the political tension escalates between the Congress and the BJP in Kerala in the lead-up to the Lok Sabha elections, both Shivakumar and Chandrasekhar have engaged in verbal sparring, with each emphasizing their respective parties' agendas and leadership qualities. The upcoming election in Kerala on April 26 will determine the respective fates of candidates like Chandrasekhar and Tharoor, with implications for the broader political landscape in the state and at the national level.