A Glimpse into the Future of Personalization, Security, and Productivity

A Glimpse into the Future of Personalization, Security, and Productivity

New Features and Supported Devices

Following the announcement of AI features for Android at the I/O keynote, Google released the second beta version of Android 15, detailing its new features and supported devices. This comes after the release of the first developer preview in February and the first public beta version of the new OS.

Private Space: This feature allows users to create a separate space on their devices with an additional layer of authentication for sensitive applications. Apps within this space are hidden from view when locked and require a separate login.

This feature uses AI to detect theft attempts and automatically locks the device screen. It also prevents unauthorized factory resets with "Factory Reset Protection."

Apps can now access only the most recently selected photos and videos when granted partial access to the gallery, improving user experience.

Users can pin the taskbar on screen for quick app switching and save preferred split-screen combinations for easy access.

The transition to Picture-in-Picture mode is improved for a smoother experience.

Developers can show personalized previews of widgets within the widget picker before placement.

New animations inform users where gesture actions will take them, improving navigation.

Users can distinguish between different notification types without looking at their device.

The Android 15 beta 2 is available on select Google Pixel devices, including the Pixel 8-series, 7-series, 6-series smartphones, Pixel Fold, and Pixel Tablet. Additionally, the beta is available on select devices from other OEMs, including Honor, iQOO, Lenovo, Nothing, OnePlus, OPPO, Realme, Sharp, TECNO, vivo, and Xiaomi.

This text excludes all advertising sentences and focuses solely on the new features and supported devices in Android 15 Beta 2.