Odisha Records 6.99% Voter Turnout in Early Hours of Polling

Odisha Records 6.99% Voter Turnout in Early Hours of Polling

Election officials in Odisha reported a voter turnout of around 6.99 percent in the initial stages of polling across several key constituencies. The voting process began at 7 am in five parliamentary constituencies and 35 assembly segments located within their respective jurisdictions. Both Lok Sabha and Assembly elections are being conducted simultaneously in the state, with authorities emphasizing a peaceful and efficient polling process.

According to Odisha's Chief Electoral Officer, N B Dhal, polling was progressing without any significant issues in the 9,162 designated polling stations. Instances of EVM malfunctions were noted in the Sundergarh Lok Sabha constituency, prompting quick resolutions by replacing the faulty machines within a short timeframe. Despite these technical glitches, the electoral process carried on smoothly, showcasing the dedication of officials to maintain the integrity of the elections.

Throughout the polling stations, there were no reports of any disturbing incidents or disruptions, with police confirming a peaceful voting environment. However, a minor incident was reported of a female polling official fainting at a booth within the Sundergarh Lok Sabha seat, an isolated occurrence amidst an otherwise orderly electoral process. As the voting continued, authorities remained vigilant in addressing any challenges that arose to ensure a fair and transparent election outcome for the citizens of Odisha.