Devastating Landslide Buries Hundreds in Papua New Guinea Village

Devastating Landslide Buries Hundreds in Papua New Guinea Village

In a tragic event that unfolded in a remote village in northern Papua New Guinea, over 300 individuals and 1,182 houses were engulfed by a massive landslide, leaving a devastating impact on the community. The landslide, which struck Kaokalam village in Enga Province, situated approximately 600 km northwest of the capital Port Moresby, occurred in the early hours of Friday, causing a significant loss of life and property.

Reports from the Papua New Guinea Post Courier revealed the grim situation unfolding in the region, mentioning that the disaster had affected more than six villages in the Mulitaka area of the province. The Australian government, through its Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), expressed concern over the scale of the catastrophe and confirmed that Australia's High Commission in Port Moresby was closely coordinating with PNG authorities for further assessment of the damage and casualties.

As the search and rescue operations progressed, it was reported that emergency teams were able to access the disaster-stricken site and retrieve four bodies, signaling the dire circumstances faced by the affected population. With access to the area impeded by blocked highways, helicopters emerged as the primary mode of reaching the impacted regions, underscoring the challenges posed by the geographical terrain and the scale of destruction caused by the landslide. Residents, as seen in social media footage, were depicted navigating through treacherous conditions, searching for survivors amidst a scene of devastation, with sounds of grief and loss echoing in the background.