AI-Generated Image 'All Eyes on Rafah' Sparks Social Media Frenzy Post Israeli Airstrikes in Gaza

AI-Generated Image 'All Eyes on Rafah' Sparks Social Media Frenzy Post Israeli Airstrikes in Gaza

In the wake of a series of deadly Israeli airstrikes in Gaza, an AI-created image named 'All Eyes on Rafah' has stirred a social media storm. The picture represents the massive number of Palestinians seeking shelter in Rafah during the conflict against Hamas, set against a desert landscape with mountains in the backdrop, becoming a poignant symbol amid the global outrage over civilian casualties.

Celebrities such as Chilean-American actor Pedro Pascal, models Bella and Gigi Hadid, and French football star Ousmane Dembele, all with Palestinian heritage, have participated in the viral campaign by sharing the 'All Eyes on Rafah' image on their social media accounts. However, Bollywood actors who also shared the post faced criticism from their fans, leading to the emergence of a 'Boycott Bollywood' trend due to their support for the Palestinian cause.

While the image gained traction on Instagram with over 44 million shares, it also spread to other social media platforms like X, where the hashtag #alleyesonrafah garnered significant attention, coinciding with a surge in discussions related to the Israeli assault on Gaza. The Israeli airstrikes in Rafah resulted in a tragic fire at a relief shelter, claiming the lives of 45 civilians, including children, and injuring 249 individuals.

In response to the wide dissemination of the 'All Eyes on Rafah' image, Israeli authorities launched their social media campaign, unveiling a photo labeled 'what your eyes fail to see,' focusing on hostages held by Hamas following the October 7 attacks. The government, led by Benjamin Netanyahu, shared the image on X, highlighting that Israel will persist in advocating for its interests and hostages, questioning where the attention was during the October 7 incidents.