All.ART and SolSea are working together for the NFT Market

All.ART and SolSea are working together for the NFT Market

It was recently caught up with SolSea founder, Vito to talk about SolSea, ALL.ART and the future of the NFT utility. A video of the conversation will be released for our EDGE members in the near future.

Today, Vito and his team at ALL.ART have launched SolSea Reborn with a host of new and exciting features for NFT creators and collectors. The purpose is to create a transformative marketplace where the merger of trading, enjoyment, usage, and the future of metaverses and gaming are all fused into one experience. The full NFT market has just started, and the real potential of the NFT utility and its applications is yet to emerge, according to a report by VIto. The Reborn feature set places SolSea at the forefront of the NFT industry. Vito confirmed that SolSea and ALL.ART are compatible with each other.

The power of linking NFT with real-world rewards with Veefriends has been a focus of projects since Gary Vaynerchuck introduced the NFT utility. However, marketplaces such as OpenSea and Rarible don't have many features that allow users to engage with their collections. NFT marketplaces have been focused on trading, auctions, and price discovery, with third-party applications used to unlock the utility. SolSea hopes to bring more to the NFT platform through unlockable content, analytics and up to 0% fees. Reborn brings its wallet and web 3 features directly to the platform.

A host of new features have been added for Reborn, including :

You can scroll and explore without interruption while you slide-in Wallet has an overview of all your NFTs.

Live mints place a bid on every single NFT while it is minting in real-time on Solana, even if it is not listed yet.

SolSea and ALL.ART have confirmed they are determined to build through these features.

We have been informed that more exciting features are going to be added over the coming months, according to our conversation with Vito. We will report on these features as soon as possible. Now, the eyes will be on the Reborn launch and ALL.ART building for the next level of NFT implementation for both creators and their communities.