Apple may be removing SIM trays from iPhones by 2023

Apple may be removing SIM trays from iPhones by 2023

Apple may be considering making another change to its iPhones after removing the headphone jack. Recent reports have suggested that the company might be considering removing SIM trays from iPhones by 2023. The iPhone 15 series may be eSIM-only, which means that it might be possible to have an eSIM-only device.

MacRumours was reportedly tipped off anonymously that Apple has been in talks with major US carriers and advised to prepare for eSIM only smartphones set to arrive in September 2022, according to MacRumours.

This information was corroborated by a leakster who went by the handle Dylandkt on Twitter and is known to be quite accurate with his information.

Users have one more thing to do when they change their phones because of the physical SIM slot being removed from a phone. Users have to get in touch with their carrier to port the number with eSIM-only devices when they need to move to a new one. Compared to just being able to remove the SIM from a device and load it onto the next, the whole eSIM business feels like too much work. If you have a wearable attached to that eSIM, it needs to be unpaired and repaired with the new device post the connection port, like we said, it works.

There are some advantages to removing the SIM tray for the smartphone companies. The companies would no longer have to produce the mechanism to eject and insert a SIM tray, which would free up some space on the inside of the device.

One less port on the device will mean that the production gets more simplified and the SIM tray will make it easier to keep water and dust out of the internal space.

Apple might be moving towards a port-less iPhone if they do not remove the physical SIM slot next year, after removing the headphone jack and adopting the MagSafe accessories recently.