Asian markets mostly higher after Wall Street rally

Asian markets mostly higher after Wall Street rally

On Tuesday, SYDNEY, NSW, Australia stock prices in Asia were solidly higher, mirroring gains on Wall Street overnight.

The Australian All Ordinaries went up by 81.50 points or 1.17 percent to 7,030. 10.

In Japan, the Nikkei 225 jumped 120.77 points, or 0.44 percent, to 27,688. 42.

New Zealand's S&P NZX 50 climbed 38.44 points or 0.33 percent to 11,570. 43.

The South Korean Kospi Composite was up 13.62 points or 0.58 percent to 2,369. 28.

The Hang Seng was trading ahead of 185 points at the time of writing in Hong Kong. The Shanghai Composite in mainland China was flat with minutes left to go.

The U.S. dollar was little changed. The euro consolidated its overnight increase to 1.0031 around the Sydney close Tuesday. The British pound fell slightly to 1.1441. The Japanese yen was steady at 143.35. The Swiss franc was at a low of 0.9644.

The Canadian dollar was range bound at q. 3255. The Australian dollar was comatose at 0.6720. The New Zealand dollar was a bit weaker at 0.5938.

Overnight on Wall Street, the Nasdaq Composite rose 86.72 points or 0.76 percent or 86.51 points or 0.76 percent, to 11,535. 02.

The Standard and Poor's 500 added 26.56 points or 0.69 percent to 3,899. 89.

The Dow Jones Industrials increased by 197.26 points or 0.64 percent to 31,019. 68.