Australia’s COVID-19 data wraps up today

Australia’s COVID-19 data wraps up today

Here is a quick wrap of each Australian jurisdiction's latest COVID 19 statistics for Thursday, August 8.

You can get a more detailed visual breakdown through ABC's Charting the Spread story here.

If you don't see your state or territory, check back later. This list will be updated throughout the day.

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WA - Report is still to come.

Queensland has had 3,358 new COVID 19 cases over the past day.

Eleven more people with the disease have died, and there are 596 COVID patients in the state's hospitals.

New South Wales has reported the deaths of 29 people with COVID - 19.

The state has recorded 10,515 new cases.

Canberran authorities reported 464 new COVID cases today, as well as the death of a woman in her 60 s related to COVID.

There are 135 people in the hospital, including four in intensive care.

In Tasmania, two people are being treated for COVID 19 in intensive care units, with a total of 80 people in the hospital.

Another 661 cases were identified in the past day.