Byju makes its eighth acquisition in 2021

Byju makes its eighth acquisition in 2021

In 2021, Edtech decacorn, Byju s, has made its eighth acquisition by acquiring Austria-headquartered learning platform, GeoGebra. The platform, as per an official statement, has 115 million students on board and has a dynamic, interactive and collaborative mathematics learning tool. The announcement is in line with the edtech leader's ambitions to expand to overseas geographies after a series of fundraises from a clutch of investors this year. The companies haven't disclosed the value of the deal.

This acquisition complements Byju's overall product strategy and integrates GeoGebra's capabilities to enable the creation of new product offerings and learning formats to its existing mathematics portfolio. Byju's aim to make math more engaging leads to better learning outcomes. A Byju spokesman said that this synergy of two like-minded companies will bring comprehensive, personalised and immersive learning experiences to all students.

Under the leadership of the founder and developer Markus Hohenwarter, GeoGebra will continue to operate as an independent unit within the Byju group.

The team at GeoGebra has built a powerful and stimulating platform that complements Byju's mission of providing impactful learning for students. It is designed to improve mathematical understanding and provides interactive resources that adapt to every child's style and pace of learning. With the help of innovative teaching and technology, we have been making math fun, visual, and engaging. With GeoGebra on board, we will continue to improve, reimagine and transform the way Math is taught and learned, said Anita Kishore, Chief Strategy Officer, Byju s.

She said that we will have a wider reach and the best resources to build innovative and exciting next-generation learning formats, together with our combined strengths.

Byju wants to bring together GeoGebra's presence across 195 countries to bring together geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics and calculus in one easy-to-use format. Mathematical thinking is grounded in visual processing and GeoGebra's interactive, multilingual and stimulating learning environment makes math contextual, fun and visual, Byju s said in a statement.

GeoGebra was born out of a passion to help students learn math in a visually appealing and engaging manner. Our shared passion for learning and teaching resonates with Byju s, making them a perfect partner for our onward journey. Markus Hohenwarter said that the partnership will help millions of students learn mathematics in an interactive way, which will make them overcome their fear of math and learn to master it.

Markus founded the company in 2013 with Michael Borcherds and Stephen Jull on a mission to deliver its vision over the long term, and together with Michael Borcherds and Stephen Jull to ensure that GeoGebra would have solid footings from which to deliver its vision over the long term. Their commercial services support more than 300 established education service companies and startups, while the non-profit supports students, teachers, researchers, and government agencies across many countries.

2 bn through term loan funding, plans for North America expansion: Sources