Canada drops travel advisory amid COVID - 19 pandemic

Canada drops travel advisory amid COVID - 19 pandemic

Healthcare workers prepare to test passengers before they arrive at the Pearson airport in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada after mandatory coronavirus disease COVID - 19 testing took effect for international arrivals in Toronto February 15, 2021. OTTAWA, Oct 22 Reuters - Canada has scrapped an official advisory urging its citizens to shun non-essential foreign travel, dropping a warning that was issued in March 2020 when the COVID - 19 pandemic erupted.

The Canadian government, however, is still telling people to avoid cruise ship travel outside of the country.

In an update to its travel advisory page posted late on Thursday, Ottawa removed the advice to avoid unnecessary travel and reverted to its usual practice of issuing notices for individual countries.

Community transmission of COVID 19 continues in many countries. You should be fully vaccinated by completing a COVID - 19 vaccine series in Canada or abroad at least 14 days before traveling, it said.

The federal health ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment.