Check Point software Technologies extends network security revolution

Check Point software Technologies extends network security revolution

New Delhi India January 19 ANI BusinessWire India Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., NASDAQ: CHKP, a leading provider of cyber security solutions, has extended the Check Point Quantum portfolio with Quantum Lightspeed Firewalls to introduce the biggest network security revolution in the last decade.

Quantum Lightspeed sets the standard for firewall performance in order to enable hyper-fast datacenter security for every enterprise:

Up to 3 Tbps per system, 800 Gbps per single gateway - 5 times better firewall throughput -

Ultra-low latency at 3 microseconds is 10 times faster - Ultra-low latency at 3 microseconds

Price performance is 20 times better than competing solutions.

The modern data center is evolving to a hybrid architecture with both on-premises and cloud operations due to the emergence of distributed SaaS applications and the need to support remote workers. With the growth of network traffic 2 X every 3 years, enterprises of all sizes are challenged with hyper-fast datacenter security at the speed of the network.

Check Point Quantum Lightspeed provides a breakthrough firewall performance that allows enterprises to support elephant flows and securely transfer terabytes of data in a matter of minutes, using an innovative ASIC technology developed by NVIDIA. Any business can provide fast access to remote users and support high growth businesses because financial institutions can now process millions of trades with microsecond latency.

As more and more enterprises rely on their hybrid datacenters to conduct business transactions, they need to implement a solution with network security speed, said Dr Dorit Dor, Chief Product Officer at Check Point. We wanted to design a solution that would work in the most demanding data centers, which require high security throughput, low latency and can expand on demand to support rapid growth. Check Point Quantum Lightspeed hyper-fast firewalls deliver line-rate firewall performance at the speed of the network, setting a new standard in cybersecurity performance. The rise in data center traffic and the creation of new cybersecurity challenges for enterprise is a result of AI, 5 G and the proliferation of smart devices, according to Michael Kagan, CTO at NVIDIA. NVIDIA has a built-in zero-trust security in the data center and allows innovators such as Check Point to develop next-generation solutions like the Check Point Quantum Lightspeed security gateway, powered by the extreme performance of the NVIDIA ConnectX SmartNIC. It is important that enterprises that have distributed hybrid data centers and applications have data center security that can perform at the speed of their business, needing to securely transfer data between applications, other data centers and backups to the hybrid cloud, said Frank Dickson, IDC Vice President of Security and Trust. In order to provide low latency for high frequency financial transactions, check Point Quantum Lightspeed hyper-fast firewalls deliver data center security performance at the speed of the network, enabling enterprises to connect hundreds of terabytes of data in minutes instead of hours, as well as scaling security on demand to support high growth businesses like online commerce. Check Point Quantum Lightspeed Security Gateways are available from our global network of partners.

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