China's Vice-President defends signing of inter-governmental framework agreement on Solomon Islands

China's Vice-President defends signing of inter-governmental framework agreement on Solomon Islands

Chinese vice- president Xie Feng defended the signing of the inter-governmental framework agreement on security cooperation between China and Solomon Islands as a right of two sovereign states.

He denounced Australia's accusation against the agreement as an infringement of other countries' sovereignty and own affairs as well as international rules.

The China-Solomon Islands agreement is a normal cooperation in law enforcement and security, and is consistent with international law and international customs practices, Xie said at the unveiling of the China-Pacific Island Countries PICs Climate Action Cooperation Center via video link.

He said that security cooperation between the two countries is open and transparent, and does not target any third party. It works in parallel with the Solomon Islands' existing cooperation with other partners and regional mechanisms, and conforms to the common interests of the Solomon Islands and the South Pacific region.

Such cooperation is fundamentally different from the actions of some countries of forming exclusive cliques, engaging in underhand maneuvers, creating military blocs, triggering arms race, causing the risk of nuclear proliferation, provoking confrontation and leading to regional tensions, he said.

What right can Australia draw a red line for the Solomon Islands and China that are thousands of miles away from it? Is this an infringement of other countries' sovereignty, interference in other countries' internal affairs and violation of international rules? Xie said something.

He said that the actions of slandering, discrediting and intimidating expose the countries' obsession with colonization, brazen coercive diplomacy, and desperate attempts to control Pacific Island countries and assert their so-called sphere of influence.

The Pacific is home to all of the countries of the region, not a backyard or territory of anyone, it should be a stage of international cooperation, not an arena for geopolitical games, Xie said.

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The exchanges and cooperation between China and PICs are in line with the principle of sincerity, real results, amity and good faith and are based on equal-footed consultation and mutual benefit for common development, he said.

He said that the China-Pacific Island Islands Climate Action Cooperation Center is to carry out demonstration project cooperation with PICs, share the experience in and practice of green and low-carbon development, work together to respond to the challenge of climate change and help PICs achieve sustainable development.

He said that China is ready to work with PICs, upholding the principle of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits, to keep improving the cooperation center and to make it grow bigger and stronger and deliver results.