China urges UN to pay its financial obligations

China urges UN to pay its financial obligations

This andated file photo shows Dai Bing, China's deputy permanent representative to the UN. PHOTO UNITED NATIONS -- China's deputy permanent representative to the United Nations on Tuesday urged the organization's biggest contributor to fulfill its financial duties.

The largest contributor has not fulfilled its financial obligations to the UN over the years. Dai Bing said that this is unfair to other countries and was speaking at the second part of the resumed session of the Fifth Committee of the UN General AssemblyUN General Assembly, which deals with internal UN administrative and budgetary matters.

Reform initiatives aimed at improving the UN's financial situation should be in line with the spirit of the UN Charter, adhere to the member states-driven principle, strengthen financial discipline and improve comprehensive budgetary performance, said the envoy.

Dai urged the Secretariat to strengthen the complete budgetary performance, improve internal control and enforce financial discipline, so that every penny from member states is well-spent, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of peacekeeping operations. The ambassador said there would never be a real solution to the problem as long as the root cause remains unresolved, as long as the root cause remains unresolved. He said that any potential solution should not lead to additional financial burden for member states, especially developing countries.

China has its own challenges, such as combating the Pandemic, developing its economy, and improving people's livelihood, as the largest developing country, said Dai. We have still managed to fulfill our financial obligations, and recently contributed more than $200 million to the UN. READ MORE: UN faces 'US $100 t shortfall in fight against global woes

The ambassador said all member states, especially those with paying capacity, should pay their assessed contributions and outstanding arrears in full and on time, in order to support the UN in its central role in global governance.