China urges US to strictly adhere to one-China principle, three China-US communiques

China urges US to strictly adhere to one-China principle, three China-US communiques

In this Aug 7, 2022 photo, warplanes from the Eastern Theater Command of the Chinese People's Liberation Army conduct operations during joint combat training exercises around the Taiwan Island. PHOTO XINHUA BEIJING China has urged Washington to strictly adhere to the one-China principle and three China-US joint communiques and handle Taiwan related issues prudently, saying that Beijing will take resolute and effective measures to safeguard its national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin spoke at a news conference yesterday while responding to a question on the visit of US lawmakers led by Senator Ed Markey to China's Taiwan region.

Ministry says Drills are ''stern deterrence to US-Taiwan collusion.

Senator Markey and his delegation insisted on visiting China's Taiwan region in spite of China's solemn representations and firm opposition, Wang pointed out.

This infringes on China's sovereignty and territorial integrity and sends a serious wrong signal to the Taiwan independence separatist forces, a blatant violation of the one-China principle and three China-US joint communiques, he said.

The one-China principle is a consensus in the international community and is a basic norm for international relations, Wang said. It is also the political basis for the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the US, and the development of bilateral relations.

He stressed that the reunification of China is an unstoppable historical trend and the formidable common will of the Chinese people.

China urges the US side to abide by the one-China principle and the three China-US joint communiques, handle Taiwan-related issues prudently and properly, and not fudging and distorting the one-China principle so as to not cause further damage to China-US relations as well as peace and stability across the Taiwan Straits, said Wang.

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He said that associating themselves with the separatists in Taiwan and trying to challenge the one-China principle is a misjudgment and will get these small number of US politicians nowhere.