Colombia's richest man Ardila Lulle dies of natural causes


BOGOTA - Carlos Ardila Lulle, one of Colombia's richest businessmen and owner of a conglomerate including sugar mills, broadcasters and a soccer team, died on Friday from natural causes, the company said.

Ardila Lulle, born in 1930 in Cali, Colombia, died in a hospital in Bucaramanga. The third largest city in the southeast of the country was in Bucaramanga.

Ardila Lulle was one of the richest men in Colombia, and was named 1,362 on the Forbes 2021 Rich List, with an estimated fortune of $2.3 billion.

In the Organisation Ardila Lulle are drinks producer Postobon, sugar mills Incauca and Providencia, radio and television broadcaster RCN and football club Atletico Nacional.

His life was a great example of tenacity, love for Colombia, fraternity with workers and patriotism. Duque has lost one of its great transformers on Twitter, reported in a message from Colombia.