Delhi govt. issues draft policy to drive EV

Delhi govt. issues draft policy to drive EV

New Delhi India January 15 ANI In a fresh move towards electric vehicles and bringing down pollution levels in the city, the Delhi government has issued a draft policy directing all ride aggregation and delivery services to adopt electric vehicles in its newly onboard fleets.

Delhi becomes the first Indian state of Union Territory to adopt an aggregation policy to regulate vehicular emissions.

The draft policy, under the Environment Protection Act 1986, has been put in the public domain and invites suggestions and objections from the general public within a period of 60 days, post which it would be notified for implementation.

Delivery service providers such as food delivery, e-commerce logistics providers and couriers will have to change vehicle patterns in Delhi.

As per the policy, aggregation and delivery services would need to ensure that 10 per cent of all new onboard two-wheelers and 5 per cent of all newly onboarded four-wheelers are electric in the next 3 months from the date of notification.

The aggregation policy proposes incentives to ensure the transition to EV in the ride hailing industry in a time bound manner.