Elizabeth Warren to the rescue, Dem 'to the rescue' of Dems

Elizabeth Warren to the rescue, Dem 'to the rescue' of Dems

During his latest My Take on Tuesday, FOX Business argued that Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Democrats are extremely nervous as their far-left policies could risk their chances in the November election.

STUART VARNEY: The Democrats are extremely nervous and they have a pretty good idea that they're going to lose in November. Politico thinks they will lose both the House and Senate.

She has a plan for victory, and Elizabeth Warren is to the rescue, writing in the New York Times. The senator believes that a sharp turn to the left would do the trick.

The senator wants immediate price controls. There are higher taxes on billionaires. The Democrats and Sen. Warren can win, and all of this, he says.

I think the exact opposite: do all of that and you lose in a landslide.

The word inflation does not appear in Sen. Warren's op-ed. That is the issue that hurts Democrats the most, and the policies she suggests would be highly inflationary.

The words migrant or border or gasoline or food prices are none of them.

The senator is not aware of the crises afflicting her party. A year ago, Bernie, Warren, AOC and the Squad were dictating far-left policies.

They're a spent force.