Elon Musk gives thumbs up to Biden's pardon for marijuana possession

Elon Musk gives thumbs up to Biden's pardon for marijuana possession

Elon Musk, Tesla Inc TSLA CEO, has given a thumbs up to President Biden's pardon for all federal marijuana possession convictions.

What Happened: Musk made his gesture on Thursday in response to a tweet from the president's official account.

Biden said that no one should be in jail for possessing or using marijuana. How do I buy Tesla TSLA Shares?

More than 6,500 people with previous convictions for simple possession of marijuana will be impacted by the president's move, according to a prior report.

Biden said that he would ask the Department of Health and Human Services and the Attorney General to review the classification of marijuana under federal law as a Schedule One drug.

In July, Musk commented on the prisoner swap involving Brittney Griner, the WNBA player who is being held in Russia over the importation of marijuana. Maybe free some people in jail for weed? After smoking marijuana on Joe Rogan's podcast in 2018, the entrepreneur had to undergo random drug tests to prove he is not an addict. In a separate podcast, Musk said in August that weed is still illegal, due to the fact that smoking weed is still illegal.

Musk has often been critical of Biden over the president's failure to acknowledge his two companies, Tesla and SpaceX.