EU transport ministers take action against misuse of Mobility package

EU transport ministers take action against misuse of Mobility package

The ministers took this step in response to unprecedented events such as the Russian government's unjustifiable war in Ukraine, the significant increase in fuel prices, the coronaviruses epidemic in Europe and the challenges in the transport sector.

The situation is tense across Europe as a result of the lack of drivers, and the war in Ukraine has only exacerbated this problem. In this difficult period, where the need for movement of goods and raw materials and logistics has increased, it is important that unjustified and disproportionate requirements of the Mobility Package, which constitute an obstacle to the operation of carriers from countries on the periphery of the EU, are reviewed as soon as possible, or at least temporarily suspended, says Minister of Transport and Communications M. Skuodis.

In a letter from the ministers of transport of Lithuania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Malta, Cyprus, Romania and Hungary to the EC Commissioner, it was also noted that in order to strengthen the resilience of the Community s transport sector, it is necessary to establish a coherent regulatory framework and to introduce certain exemptions to be applied when pandemics occur.

The latest amendments to the Mobility Package that allow the return of trucks to their country of registration and the restriction of cabotage operations entered into force on 21 February this year. Lithuania has brought action before the EU Court of JusticeEU Court of Justice against these provisions, which are harmful from the perspective of the EU single market and environmental protection.

Poland and the neighbouring Baltic states have expressed their support for Lithuania's appeal.

The Lithuanian Minister for Transport and Communications raised the issue of the negative impact of the Mobility Package at the EU transport ministers' informal meeting in France on 21 -- 22 February.