Hackers used Apple News to send obscene, racist messages to Apple users

Hackers used Apple News to send obscene, racist messages to Apple users

A U.S. business media publication, Fast Company, was forced to shut down its site on Tuesday evening after hackers used the site to send obscene and racist notifications to Apple users via the iPhone maker's Apple News service.

The hackers broke into the publishing tools, according to the company. The incident is being investigated by the company. The page showing a 404 error was down on Tuesday evening, and Fast Company's website was down. In a tweet from its official Twitter account, the company said:

The company said that its content management system, CMS, used by news outlets to publish and manage their stories, was hacked to send the notifications, which has also impacted its Apple News alerts.

The situation has been resolved and we are investigating the situation, and we have suspended the feed shut down FastCompany.com until we are certain that the situation has been resolved, the publication said.

In the last few months data breaches and hacking incidents have increased. Last week, Rockstar parent company Take-Two Interactive Software was hacked for the second time in a month as hackers targeted 2 K Games Support, urging users to download malware. A hacker has gained access to the Help Desk platform of its unit 2 K Games and sent a malicious link to certain customers, according to a statement by Take-Two.