How to check travel cancellation cover for travel

How to check travel cancellation cover for travel

When buying a travel policy make sure that it covers a trip cancellation cover as uncertainties have multiplied in the post-Covid era.

After the Pandemic, the demand for trip cancellation cover has increased, says Sourabh Chatterjee, Senior President Head-IT, Web Sales, Travel, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance. He said that flight cancellations can happen because of a medical emergency to a family member, oneself, and a companion. We should look out for flight cancellations due to natural calamities. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance covers cancellation of international travel arising out of loss of passport and visa, political disturbance or travel prohibition by the government. Trip cancellation cover comes with your travel policy. You should check your policy and coverage at the time of buying. With TATA AIG's Travel Guard Policy, Trip cancellation is part of the product, and is part of TATA AIG's Travel Guard Policy, along with other coverages like medical sickness, medical evacuation, checked in baggage loss and baggage delay, passport loss, flight delay and bounced hotel airline booking. Travel insurance is an important part of smart trip planning and helps you cope with all the adversities that may come your way. Ved says that cancellation cover gets triggered if the insured is prevented from taking the trip due to illness, injury or death of the insured, immediate family members or travelling companion. The company will reimburse the unused and non-refundable amount of your prior bookings, such as hotel booking, airline ticket s cost. The policy wordings should be read by the policyholders to understand the policy terms and conditions. Ved lists the exclusions related to the trip cancellation: what are the exclusions from the general exclusions?

Depression or anxiety, mental, nervous or emotional disorders, alcohol or drug abuse addiction or overdose, or overdose, or overdose.

Elective, cosmetic, or plastic surgery, except as a result of an injury caused by a covered accident while our policy is in force; or

Laws, regulations or orders, issued or made by any government or public authority, or

An Insured person traveling against the advice of a physician or a medical professional is a doctor.

The default of a provider of transport; b agent of such provider.

Strikes or labor disputes that existed or of which advance warning had been given prior to the date on which a trip was booked or because of which a trip was booked, or if a trip was booked, should be cancelled.

Delay due to the withdrawal from service of a Common Carrier is on the orders or recommendations of any port authority or the Aviation Agency or any other agency in any country.