National Science Day 2022 theme launched

National Science Day 2022 theme launched

New Delhi India January 6 ANI Union Minister for Science and Technology S&T Dr Jitendra Singh launched the theme of National Science Day NSD 2022 - Integrated Approach to S&T for Sustainable Futures and said that the era of working in Silos is over and all should join hands for integrated theme-based projects.

According to a press release issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Union Minister said that the NSD theme has been chosen for the purpose of raising public appreciation of the scientific issues involved and that celebrations of important scientific days should not remain a one-day event and there needs to be built upon this on a regular basis.

Integration of Science is based on four pillars and these are the coming together of all science ministries and departments to work on the theme-based approach of problem solving, extended science integration aligned with technical, engineering and medical institutes, extra science integration that is aligned with Line ministries departments of Central government and an extended science-driven approach to industries and start-ups leading to a sustainable future, he stated.

The Minister said he is planning to hold a National Science Conclave in the coming days involving Science Ministries and Departments from the Centre and all States to deliberate on pressing problems facing India and effective solutions for the same.

Singh said that 168 proposals were received from 33 Line Ministries Departments for scientific applications and technological support and solutions from all six Science and Technology departments, including Space and Atomic energy, because of the success of the Integrated Approach.

NSD is celebrated every year on February 28 to commemorate the discovery of the 'Raman Effect. Many institutions organize open houses for their laboratories and appraise students about the career opportunities available in a research laboratory institution.

The Department of Science and Technology DST acts as a nodal agency to support, coordinate and coordinate the celebration of the National Science Day throughout the country, in scientific institutions, research laboratories and autonomous scientific institutions associated with the Department of Science and Technology.

The National Council for Science and Technology Communication NCSTC DST has supported various programmes country wide by giving grants to its State Science and Technology councils and departments for the organization of lectures, quizzes, open houses, etc.

In 1987 the DST instituted national awards for science popularization to encourage, encourage and recognize outstanding efforts in science and technology communication and popularization, as well as inculcate scientific temper among masses.

These awards are given every year on National Science Day, along with the SERB Women Excellence Award by the Science and Engineering Research Board SERB, a statutory body of the Department of Science and Technology DST supporting basic research in frontier areas of science and engineering.

It grants grants to women scientists under 40 years of age who have received recognition from one or more National Academies, such as the Young Scientist Medal, Young Associateship and so on.