Pilotless Red Bull pilots who attempted plane-swap stunt lose licenses

Pilotless Red Bull pilots who attempted plane-swap stunt lose licenses

The two pilots who attempted an unauthorized plane-swap stunt last month are losing their licenses, according to the Federal Aviation Administration FAA. A part of the April 24 Red Bull stunt, Luke Aikins and Andy Farrington flew separate planes over Arizona. The goal was to jump mid-air and switch aircraft as they dove toward the ground, according to a Red Bull trailer of the stunt.

The duo was only partially successful.

Aikins was able to swap planes and land in the desert, while Farrington, a skilled skydiver, was unable to enter the plane he was approaching, Red Bull said. He crashed his plane while he was on the ground.

The FAA confirmed that one of the two planes, a single-engine Cessna 182, crashed as a result of the attempted stunt, which was streamed live on Hulu.

The FAA said that the lead pilot requested an exemption from the FAA, which the agency denied. Red Bull said neither the pilot nor anyone else was injured. According to FAA paperwork obtained by FOX Business, Aikins and Farrington's actions were described as careless or reckless so as to endanger the life or property of another. Both pilots must turn in their license immediately, according to the FAA.

A fine of $4,900 is proposed against Aikins, for leaving his pilot's seat and operating an aircraft in a reckless manner. Aikins admitted to withholding information that the agency denied his request for an exemption.

Aikins and Farrington won't be allowed to apply for new certificates for a year, per FAA regulations.