Polish pm announces anti-Putin shield

Polish pm announces anti-Putin shield

The Polish prime minister said on Friday that the government is working on an anti-Putin shield to protect the national economy from the effects of Russia's war on Ukraine.

At a press conference, Mateusz Morawiecki said that the shield will introduce anti- inflation instruments, protective measures for the labour market and a support scheme for enterprises that did business with Russia before the war.

He said that one of the shield packages' main goals will be to reduce Poland's inflation, which has been rising to higher levels than expected.

Morawiecki said that the shield also contained instruments designed to de-Russianise the Polish economy and weaken its dependence on Russian oil, gas and coal.

Morawiecki said that in order to detach the Polish economy from Russian fossil fuels, the government will invest over PLN 3 billion euro 640 million in the national gas operator Gaz-System, which runs the major gas pipelines in Poland and is responsible for gas transmission. He said Poland had other energy security mainstays like the Baltic Pipe gasline and the President Lech Kaczynski LNG Terminal in Swinoujcie.