Samsung Electronics unveils three new screens for 2022

Samsung Electronics unveils three new screens for 2022

Samsung Electronics will provide 'customised screens' for each user, focusing on 'Micro LED, 'Neo QLED and 'Lifestyle TV' to realize its display business vision 'Screens Everywhere, Screens for All' this year.

For the first time, three models, 110, 101 and 89 frames will be unveiled for the first time in 2022 Micro LED.

Micro LED provides the best image quality by allowing LEDs in micrometres mm to emit light and colour on their own without backlight or colour filter. It also provides convenient installation, customized functions 'Art Mode' and 'Multi-View, and amazing quality of the sound system, as well as image quality. Users can watch multiple contents by connecting up to four HDMI ports using the Multi-View function.

Samsung Electronics has improved its own image quality engine, Neo Quantum Processor'' and applied various new technologies to the 2022 Neo QLED to achieve more advanced image quality.

Samsung Electronics has added various new technologies to the Lifestyle TV' product line, which has continued to grow for more comfortable customer experiences. Lifestyle TV provides new functions such as 'The Frame, 'The Serif, 'The Sero and 'Matte Display' that prevents light reflection on the screen. Frames are available in various sizes from 32 to 85 frames, offering a comfortable environment for users to enjoy their favourite arts at an art museum.