Singapore to switch to up-to-date COVID vaccine definition regime

Singapore to switch to up-to-date COVID vaccine definition regime

SINGAPORE: The Ministry of Health MOH announced on Friday that Singapore would transition from tracking the number of COVID 19 vaccine doses taken to an up-to-date vaccine definition regime.

Under the updated arrangement, MOH said everyone should keep up to date with the latest vaccine recommendations, such as three complete mRNA or Novavax doses or four Sinovac-CoronaVac doses for minimum protection.

People aged 50 and above should also receive an additional booster dose between five months to one year from their last dose, to keep up to date with their COVID- 19 vaccine, said MOH.

The original Moderna Spikevax vaccines will be replaced with the updated bivalent version.

Under the updated vaccination arrangement, MOH said all individuals should keep up with the latest recommendations and ensure they achieve minimum protection against COVID - 19, and that those aged five and above should complete three mRNA or Novavax Nuvaxovid vaccine doses, or four doses of the Sinovac-CoronaVac vaccine.

Individuals with their COVID 19 vaccination will be considered up to date if they have received the minimum protection, and if their last vaccine dose was received within the past year, said MOH.

The arrangement is similar to Influenza vaccination, where individuals are advised to get their shots periodically so that they can protect themselves against new strains of the endemic virus, as they arise, the ministry said.

The booster dose should be given between five months to a year from their last jab in order to keep up to date with their vaccination.

The updated bivalent COVID- 19 vaccine is also recommended for this group, according to the Health Ministry.

From October 17 onwards, those in this age group as well as those who have yet to achieve minimum protection will be able to receive the updated bivalent vaccine under the National Vaccination Programme.