Stocks in Asia fall after Wall Street falls

Stocks in Asia fall after Wall Street falls

After overnight falls on Wall Street, and in Europe, SYDNEY, NSW, Australia-stocks were sold markedly in Asia.

The Nikkei 225 in Japan bore most of the damage, losing 461.73 points or 1.69 percent to 26,888. 57.

South Korea's Kospi Composite went 32.96 points or 1.21 percent to 2,702. 07.

The Shanghai Composite dropped 46.73 points or 1.42 percent to 3,236 in China. 70.

The Australian All Ordinaries fell 53.50 points or 0.69 percent to 7,739. 80.

In New Zealand, the S&P NZX 50 declined just 3.39 points or 0.03 percent to 12,075. 91.

The Hang Seng in Hong Kong was still trading at the time of writing. The key index was down 235 points in late trading.

On foreign exchange markets the majors clawed back a small portion of losses, while the commodity currencies weakened sharply.

The euro was close to 1.0922 at the Sydney close Thursday. The British pound went up to 1.3087. The Japanese yen was a fraction stronger at 123.71. The Swiss franc went up to 0.9322.

The Canadian dollar fell to 1.2554. The Australian dollar was down to 0.7485. The New Zealand dollar was friendless at 0.6899.

Overnight on Wall Street, the Nasdaq Composite fell 315.35 points or 2.22 percent to 13,888. 82.

The Dow Jones industrials dipped 144.67 points or 0.42 percent to 34,496, down 144.67 points or 0.42 percent. 51.

The Standard and Poor's 500 retreated 43.97 points or 0.97 percent to 4,431. 15.