This roller coaster will have world's steepest drop

This roller coaster will have world's steepest drop

It doesn't get steeper than that.

Six Flags in Texas announced a new roller coaster for 2022. Aside from the usual thrills that come with these kinds of rides, this coaster will have world's steepest drop.

The ride is named Dr. Diabolical's Cliffhanger and will debut at Six Flags Fiesta in San Antonio in 2022. According to a press release the coaster will feature a drop beyond vertical in 50 - feet after the initial climb of 95 ''.

The ride's backstory involves a mad scientist luring unsuspecting victims onto the ride in an attempt to harvest fear and adrenaline.

Dr. Diabolical declares to have an elixir from the fountain of youth, the press release says, capable of preserving life. She lures creepy visitors to partake, but little do they know that she is using them for her evil plan to frighten the world with her menacing creatures. Dr. Diabolical built a machine to harvest the essence of human adrenaline and fear in order to feed her creatures.

Aside from the steep drop, the ride will also feature three 21-part trains and speeds of up to 60 miles-per-hour. Riders will travel over 2,501 feet of track, during which they'll experience a zero-g roll at 270 - degree.

Images from the ride show that instead of a typical roller coaster cart, the ride will be equipped with a wider, three-row trolley.

The ride is manufactured by Bolliger and Mabillard, which will be located within Crackaxle Canyon Screampunk District of the park once completed. Six Flags Fiesta marks the thrill level as maximum at ride.