Tokyo reports 3,320 new COVID-19 cases

Tokyo reports 3,320 new COVID-19 cases

The daily COVID 19 cases in Tokyo came to 2,320 on Thursday, down by about 3,000 from a week earlier, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government said.

There were four deaths among infected people in the capital, while the number of people with severe symptoms under the metropolitan government's criteria remained unchanged from the previous day at 10.

The seven-day average of new infections in Tokyo was 3,016, down 40.3% from a week ago.

There were 1,854 cases reported by Hokkaido, Okinawa Prefecture marked 1,327 cases and Aichi Prefecture logged 886 cases and one death.

The number of COVID 19 patients with severe symptoms dropped by eight from the previous day to 166, according to the health ministry.

The daily number of new COVID 19 cases in Japan fell to 26,469 on Wednesday, down by 19,700 from a week earlier, while 20 new deaths were reported.