Toyota secures safety recall of Tundra vehicles

Toyota secures safety recall of Tundra vehicles

Toyota is securing the safety recall of around Tundra vehicles in the United States.

The Japanese automaker said that the vehicles involved in the recall including hybrid electric vehicles have certain nuts that can loosen over time.

The nuts can cause an axle shaft sub-assembly to separate from the axle, the company said in a statement. If complete separate were to occur, the company said it could affect vehicle stability and break performance, increasing the risk of a crash.

Toyota dealers will inspect and retighten the axle flange nuts for the thousands of vehicles involved in the recall. Some axle related components could be replaced with new ones depending on the inspection.

By the end of the month, Toyota said that the owners of Toyota Tundra will be notified by the end of the month.

Owners can see if their vehicle is affected by the recall by visiting the recall or recalls and entering their VIN license plate.