Ukraine’s ambassador to the UN warns against blocking of grain

Ukraine’s ambassador to the UN warns against blocking of grain

How much Russia values its promises in the document signed with Turkey the next day, when it bombed Odesa port. It is probably not a surprise that this is not a surprise, considering the word, the signature, the weight, and the values of the country that started the war. It is a very important issue. Whenever Ukraine can unblock this route, it will be very significant, Neverovi told the public radio LRT on Thursday.

The president's adviser stressed that the transport of agricultural products from Ukraine via Poland to Lithuania's Klaip da seaport was becoming more smoother. Nineteen trains with Ukrainian agricultural goods have already reached Lithuania. Lithuanian companies are transporting fuel by trains to Ukraine via Poland.

It is obvious that the logistics chain is getting better with time. This is an important process enabling Ukrainians to secure freight alternatives, said Neverovi's adviser, who said Lithuania wouldn't initiate the transit of Ukrainian grain via Belarus. According to him, Ukrainians must decide whether this should be done or not, and when and under what conditions because of the Russian factor in Belarus.

On July 22, Ukraine, the United Nations, Turkey and Russia signed an agreement that would allow the export of grain from Ukraine's Black Sea ports. Two of the intercepted rockets were fired at Odesa port the next day, but two others hit the port infrastructure.