Ukraine war has reverberated all over world

Ukraine war has reverberated all over world

On February 24, when Russia began its military invasion of Ukraine, it marked the beginning of the biggest war in Europe since World War II. There are reverberations all over the world. Inflation was unaffected by global food and energy prices as they went up. NATO nations joined together in a rare collective effort to help Ukraine, while China drew closer to Russia. Military spending in Europe went up, and the war became a factor in domestic politics in countries like France and the United States.

Does the conflict in Ukraine signal the beginning of a new Cold War? Will globalization cause the decline of economies? How will it affect countries far from the fight, like China, which has made no secret of its ultimate goal of bringing Taiwan under its governance?

On May 2 we will be in a virtual event with Tony Blair, the former British prime minister.

One of Britain's most successful politicians, Mr. Blair led his Labour Party to a landslide election victory in 1997 and won two more general elections after that. He supported military interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kosovo. After stepping down in 2007, he became a Middle East envoy and set up a foundation, the Tony Blair Institute for Global ChangeTony Blair Institute for Global Change.