US Senate candidate Tim Ryan visits medical marijuana grow facility

US Senate candidate Tim Ryan visits medical marijuana grow facility

The Ohio Senate candidate and Congressman Tim Ryan D visited a medical marijuana grow facility in Youngstown, dropping a hot potato into his US Senate campaign: legalization of recreational marijuana.

The 'Tim for Ohio' campaign released photos of Ryan touring Youngstown's Riviera Creek MMJ grow facility, where the cultivation is a secret. Only the end product is allowed to be photographed. Ryan called the process cutting-edge technology and sees it being used to feed the world, according to WKBN First News 27.

The Defense Department will use something for military purposes that will become commercialized later in life. It is about medical but pretty soon it's going to be about growing food in a way that can really increase your yields, and healthier food and less transportation, said House Rep. Ryan.

It was a good thing. There are a lot of jobs. In Ohio, where weed is legal for medical purposes only, weed should be legal for recreational adult use, Ryan opined. It is important to make sure the product is safe and not laced with fentanyl or some other things that are killing people. I think we need to take that next step. Republican JD Vance, Ryan's opponent in the Senate race, has been mum on the issue.

The research from Ohio State University showed that recreational marijuana in Ohio could generate up to $375 million in annual tax revenue. The study used tax estimates from an initiated law effort to legalize marijuana in the state via the November 2022 ballot.

The researchers estimated that Buckeye State would earn somewhere between $276 million and $375 million by the fifth year of operation.

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