U.S. and Mexico to resume high level economic negotiations
... that generate more than half a trillion dollars in annual bilateral trade, supporting millions of jobs in both countries. The Trump administration abandoned the idea of the talks, directed by president Joe Biden and annexed by then-Vice President Barack Obama , after accusations that Mexico was sending criminal migrants to the United States . Mexico and the United States have agreed on four pillars for high-level discussions and will approve an agenda on Thursday. The first pillar is building back ...
Updated: 09/09/2021
U.S. Agriculture Secretary Vilsack waiting for legal opinion on Twin Metals project
... engines Opponents fear the project would permanently drag the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness on the U.S.- Canada border. Twin Metals has said that the project can be constructed safely and in a way that boosts the region's economy. President Barack Obama had blocked the Twin Metals project when he served as Agriculture Secretary under Vilsack, only to see that decision reversed by President Donald Trump 's administration. Vilsack said in June: com ...
Updated: 09/08/2021
Biden: It's nothing China or Russia would rather have
... been a hawkish voice among the Democratic Foreign Policy establishments. He previously told Yahoo Finance that when it came to Donald Trump s trade war with China I would actually be tougher. Before joining the United States Department of President Barack Obama , Malinowski served on the National Security Council of President Bill Clinton and in the State Department of President Bill Clinton . Biden told that America can both fight terrorism and take on new threats that are here now and will continue ...
Updated: 09/01/2021
Cigna returns to selling health insurance plans on Obamacare
... the market. CVS Health's Aetna insurance unit and other large health insurers such as UnitedHealth Group Inc exited these online exchanges in 2017 and 2018, due to financial losses and uncertainty, as Republicans took aim at former U.S. President Barack Obama 's signature law. In June, the U.S. Supreme Court U.S. Supreme Court rejected a presidential bid back by former President Donald Trump to invalidate Obamacare , preserving the landmark healthcare legislation for the third time since its 2010 ...
Updated: 08/26/2021
Biden asks Daines to reappoint Fed chair for another four years
... that the nation's central bank is prepared to face potential obstacles to a full recovery, Daines wrote. Biden 's advisers say he has not yet decided whether to reappoint Powell , an investment banker and lawyer selected by former Fed President Barack Obama to join the board of governors in 2012. In 2018 Trump took over the reins of the Fed when he was nominated by then-President Powell for the top job. Several aides have said they regard Powell 's macroeconomic stewardship and outlook positively,...
Updated: 08/19/2021
Trump administration reverses oil field project in Alaska
... for ConocoPhillips , which has already made a significant investment in the Willow Project Willow Project, the judge wrote. 'And it would have a negative impact to many other stakeholders in the project. But Gleason , appointed by former President Barack Obama , said the evidence tipped in favor of rescinding the approvals and referred the issue to appropriate agencies for further proceedings that are consistent with her ruling. A ConocoPhillips spokesperson said the company would evaluate the decision ...
Updated: 08/19/2021
Afghan military flights resume after Taliban win in Kabul
... months predicted by U.S. intelligence, and fear of a Taliban crackdown on freedom of speech and human rights, particularly women's rights, have sparked criticism. Who called for U.S. military deployment in Afghanistan ? What made Biden so popular? Barack Obama appeared behind your decision, saying that 'I stand squarely in your support of me, really. Then after 20 years, I learned by instinct that there was never a good time to withdraw United States forces. That's why are we still here. Facing a barrage ...
Updated: 08/17/2021
Biden failed to explain why US troops were withdrawn from Afghanistan
... the most experienced men to hold the office and his robust foreign policy experience was a selling point of his campaign. For more than a decade, he led the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and was selected in part because of his expertise to be Obama's Vice President. He filled his National Security Council with bureaucrats boasting impressive resumes. Although Afghanistan has gone pretty smoothly, little of the Biden Administration Biden Administration is doing as planned. The White House ...
Updated: 08/17/2021
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